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Ditch the modern parenting gimmicks for true 
Biblical Principals that have worked for centuries!

This is the conservative parenting book
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Learn how to train children for greatness and regain your understanding of the Christian virtues that have helped people overcome any obstacle, strengthen their faith and triumph over evil.
My name is Britton Latulippe, a father of 7, owner of Blue Manor Academy, and the author of the Art of Raising Children for Greatness.

Yes, the Kids can count, but can they muster courage? They can read, but can they persist? They can write, but can they tell the truth — the whole truth? They know a lot, but are they wise? 

These are important questions to answer because in the world of raising children for greatness character is king. Character will rule over your children for the rest of their lives.

But great character will not form in your child’s heart on its own. And unlike academics, character cannot be properly developed by reading textbooks or listening to lectures in a classroom. It won’t happen in an afternoon. Character is a way of life. 

The lessons begin when your children wake and end when they fall asleep, from the time they’re young, until they are old.  And training character requires much wisdom. But there is little wisdom practiced today.
Contemporary “experts” have replaced truth with progressive theory, ignoring all the great Christian virtues except kindness and tolerance, and yet, modern children can hardly be described even as such.

This book has the wisdom parents have been searching for.

It is the wisdom of the great tutors and families of old and the elite prep schools of today, whose children have gone on to shape and rule the world.

Read this book—become a character development expert!

When You Grab the digital version of the Book For Just .99
Here is what you will discover...


  • The story of our world is created by future generations and parents have a bigger impact than they know. How can they harness that impact in a positive way to train their children's character for greatness
  • ​Character is the link to academic success, so why do we spend so little time developing it
  • Alexander the Great lacked just one character trait and it was the end of him. How can you prevent this from happening with your own children

Section #2: HONOR IS A CROWN!

  • Little boys in the schoolyard know how important honor is. Why don't we?
  • Which of the nine Barbarian Lords of Europe claimed victory over all other kingdoms, transforming the land and how?
  • The Law of Consent has promised humanity freedom and equality, but it is doing the opposite, unraveling the law of honor

Section #3: What is LOVE?

  • How did the world confuse the word love and what does it really mean?
  • The 5 attributes of love and how we can cultivate them in our homes so that children know how to love like Christ loves
  • The power of Love make it the most powerful of the virtues

Section #4: FAITH

  • Faith produces the food that feeds the soul. No one can live without it.
  • Christian Apologetics (an academic defense of our religion) may not be enough to keep the faith
  • 4 things we can do to help our children remain faithful

Section #5: COURAGE of Kings

  • What do all men and women have in common with Kings and Champions? (hint: It's not courage)
  • The 12 things children must overcome to be brave
  • ​Historically, what did people do to train their children to be courageous?

Section #6: INTEGRITY is Wholeness

  • The superpower integrity gives you and if lost, it may take a lifetime to recover
  • ​How to know when children are lying
  • What helps prevent lying and deception in kids

Section #7: Submission IS EMPOWERING!

  • Giving children lots of freedom is something found in modern parenting books, but the results are not positive
  • How can you regain authority and set children up for a better future
  • The best way to deal with a rebellious child so that they don't squander their childhood

Section #8: RESPECT

  • What boarding school taught me about respect
  • ​Stop disrespect in its tracks!
  • The lost art that will bring instant respect into your home 

Section #9: SELF-CONTROL

  • How did a spider reform an expelled trouble maker?
  • Prevent children from following the ways of the world, chasing every pleasure without thinking of the consequences
  • This 1 simple practice reforms rejects and gives them the power to focus through any distractions and developing their self control at the same time

Section #10: SIN

  • Learn the character traits that are the root of sins
  • Help children overcome each of these character flaws
  • 2 Things are needed in order to help children with sin. Learn the steps to take that will not just have them feeling sorry for what they have done, but they'll know what to do to make up for their mistake

Section #11: LOYALTY

  • The forgotten story of a Queen’s best friend that defines loyalty and will encourage you to embrace it!
  • The imbalance of loyalty is happening within American families, tearing them apart, and how to prevent that from happening to yours 
  • Choosing the right friends is key to Raising Children for greatness. Learn how to do it

Section #12: HUMILITY

  • What Kim Kardashian’s fame can teach us about humility 
  • Why are children being encouraged to flaunt everything, setting a trap for themselves
  • The easy way to put humility into practice each day in your home.

Section #13: CHASTITY

  • Why is Chastity the most hated virtue in today's society? 
  • The pursuit of pleasure is not as fun as it sounds.
  • ​What is romance and why should we encourage our children to pursue it?

Section #14: JOY

  • Judas tried to Chastise Jesus for "extravagance", but we must remember what He said in reply.
  • Everyone can experience Joy, rich and poor alike. What brings more of it is not necessarily the pleasures in life
  •  Having the correct attitude of work can increase joy abundantly. However, the kind of work you do is a major factor

Section #15: CONTENTMENT

  • What’s the difference between Satisfaction and Contentment?
  • There is a small difference that sets apart the great men and women from the common. 
  • How to have contentment that surpasses understanding. 


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